About a year ago (the first challenge I put together, I think) we had a Lite Challenge where you had to map the lair of a low-level monster, and we had some great entries. So I thought I'd revisit this idea, but change it up slightly. This time around, your challenge is to map the stronghold of a Player Character. It could be one of your own existing characters, the character of a friend/fellow gamer, or a character you've made up on the spot.

Genre doesn't matter; you could show a necromancer's tower, the sewer headquarters of a thieves' guild, a gunfighter's ranch, a cleric's temple, a Jedi sanctuary, whatever you want. Heck, if you're really ambitious, you map out a city for a PC that's become a petty tyrant or something. Be as creative as you want, but do try to personalize things a bit. The swampy temple of the leader of a cult of spider-worshipers would be fun to look at, but if you can map in some of the character's history to help tell a story, even better.

As per usual, the challenge will run until around the 14th of next month, after which there will be four days of voting. The winner gets a Silver Compass personally awarded by me. I know, I know, pretty amazing, right?

Please DO NOT forget to title each thread in this format: May/June 2014 Lite Challenge: < your title here >

Please DO NOT forget to preface each image with this tag: ### Latest WIP ### Otherwise, the thumbnail scraper won't be able to pick up your entry, and no one will be able to see it when voting time rolls around.