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Thread: Map for a flooded fantasy world. Largest landmass is the size of Britain.

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    Default Map for a flooded fantasy world. Largest landmass is the size of Britain.

    I just can't seem to find the right look for this region map that includes all the politics involved while also not looking like a clutter of islands.

    The setting has thirteen races, though one is aquatic, one is airborne, and one was artificially created and shares their creators' lands, leaving only ten that need worrying about.

    The primary regional power, which should be central on the map, is the Elves, who inhabit a landmass roughly the size of Britain, I'm not picky about shape. This is the biggest land, every other landmass should be clearly smaller.

    Nearby should be two islands, one, quite small, is the homeland of the Halflings who now also serve as the workforce on the Elves' home. The other, perhaps Ireland sized at most, though stretched out a bit like Japan, is the home of the Skarn, a people who sought to conquer the Elves, and were forced to submit to Elven rule in retaliation.

    On the southern edge of the map should be several small-mid sized islands serving as the home of the two or three nearest human nations. Humans are new to the region, having only been occassional visitors a couple human generations ago, aka, quite recently by Elven reckoning.

    On the northern edge, and perhaps on the eastern edge as well, should be another larger island, this one right on the equator, which is the home of the Thri-Keen. Near them should be at least two more islands of moderate size, the homes of the Darfellan and the Hadozee, respectively. The Darfellan are a completely subjugated people, while the Hadozee are simply raided for slaves. Darfellan are amphibious, while Hadozee are ape-like, meaning the Hadozee island, which should be further from the Thri-Keen lands should have a jungle on it.

    Somewhere safely away from the three listed powers, perhaps around the northwest corner, should be a cluster of five or six very small islands. These islands are actually connected below the water surface but above the distant sea floor, near enough for the Drow who live there to have secretly constructed a connected underground nation.

    Somewhere between the Drow islands and the Elf land should be a smaller-mid sized island, the home of the physically adaptive Orcs.

    Penultimately, somewhere where there's space should be an island for the Xeph, Halfling-sized psionic people who love to travel and see exotic things.

    Finally, if there's space, there should be a few smaller islands that are uninhabited by sentients.

    It's a tall order, and I'm hoping someone with more skill than I can make it work on one map, rather than my idea of resorting to multiple maps for various scales.

    I'm perfectly willing to share more information about the world, especially if it gets someone excited to make a map for it, but I thought I'd just start with the essentials here.
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