Xara is the software company that creates the vector graphics application I use to create most of my maps and map objects, Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 9. Each month Xara releases a newsletter to its user base, and this month, my fantasy maps thread posted in the Talkgraphics.com (Xara user forum) has been featured. Also Xara.com has an art gallery featuring 32 Xara artist's works, and I am being added as the 33rd featured artist - which is very cool, and an honor.

Its nice when a graphics software company recognizes and features your own art to showcase to their user base!

Here is a link to their monthly newsletter, Xara Outsider May 2014 issue. If you go halfway down page, you'll see this mention in the "Talkgraphics" part of that newsletter. It points to my Fantasy Maps thread on their user forum - its one place I have very many of my maps posted. Although many of those maps are posted here at the CG, at least in that thread, they are all in one place. I started the thread in Feb 2010 and it is still going strong!