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    Wip Mordentshire

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ID:	64669Hello again,

    I'm about to run an old 2nd ed DnD module set in the city of Mordentshire. The module (Ravenloft II: The House on Griffin Hill) and its predecessor later grew into the Ravenloft setting. This module is from '86. There were some maps with the module, but scanning them in was not working so well. They were just not holding up well and trying to fit all the scanned pieces together was equally unsuccessful. So, I decided to just make a digital version. I used the original as the template and whipped it up in GIMP. This is my initial attempt. The location numbers skip some numbers due to some of the modules locations not being on this map. I am hoping to capture the essence of the original. Feedback welcome.

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    For some reason it took about 5 minutes of staring at this before my eyes registered the trees, I am not sure why. Once I did see them then the layout felt much more complete/made a lot more sense. Do you have an idea of a final look you are aiming for (for the buildings/streets)?

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