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Thread: Osengaard or Egads! Not another city :D

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    Wip Osengaard or Egads! Not another city :D

    OK, here's another one I have in the works. I play around with this one in between projects at work. Still a long ways to go. Just to touch on some of "high points";

    Osengaard is meant to be placed in temperate to taiga (I think that's the word) climate. Think Cimmerians, vikings, etc.

    - Large harbor fortress (this would be a fairly recent addition in terms of city history)

    - The harbor is largely complete with warehouses, a couple of taverns, an inn, and a brothel.

    - The bluish-green building in the SE is a temple to Droghaan (God of the Seas), there is a dolphin statue on the top. Still more to add here.

    - The main/keep castle is in the far north on an island

    - The whitish-blue area is the 'Tower of Frost' a temple complex to Bhoryaal (God of Blizzards, Cold, Ice, Snow, Winter), they are also famous for hiring out as mercenaries. The entire complex is perpetually shrouded in frost, snow, and ice. Not sure if I am entirely happy with the effect, but it'll work for now. Still some things to be added here.

    So as usual C&C is welcomed. Looking forward to hearing from you.
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