Hello, currently I am working on a dieselpunk/atompunk story and I am having difficulty places. For those that do not know what dieselpunk or atompunk is, I will provide a brief description. Dieselpunk is an offshoot from steampunk which often takes place in the interwar period (oil, combustion engines, etc) , compared to steampunks Victorian-era technology. Atompunk covers the post WWII-era and the Cold War. Bioshock/Wolfenstein are two good examples of dieselpunk and Fallout is a good example of atompunk. I want to include a bit of magic as well, but only in very small doses. Since I am trying to make an entire world, I don't want English sounding names everywhere. Currently I am delving into some Scandinavian and Baltic languages for influences, but any suggestions would help.

For English sounding places I have: