So i was directed to this particular part of the forum when i posed questions about how to procure a map, prices, etc.

To be honest i don't know what anyone would need for a project like this, and while i have ideas I'm still in the formulating stage. I think though, that having a map would help me in getting the ball rolling.

A little explanation is probably in order.

I am currently working on a large fantasy world which i would like to use for my personal Pathfinder campaigns as well as for use with future novels that i have floating in my head. I have a fair amount of information i have managed to get together so far. I have kind of hit a stalemate however, as i it has become difficult to set everything up without a good point of reference.

At the moment if anyone could assist me with this, that would be greatly appreciated. Potential prices would also be appreciated as i have never really done this before.

To be honest i am rubbish at cartography, and with going to school to get my bachelor in English, work, and getting my wedding to my Fiancee all set up it leaves me little time for any Artistic endeavors beyond writing.

Thank you in advance for any information. If interested in the world or any information please let me know. Don't remember if my email is listed, if not, it's

Happy Gaming and Drawing everyone!