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Thread: Dungeon Tiles - Not random and not for the Challenge

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    Post Dungeon Tiles - Not random and not for the Challenge

    So the August challenge is in full swing with Gamerprinter plowing through (and several others nipping at his heals). Even before the challenge was announced, I was working on dungeon tiles of the non-random variety.

    Attached is a PDF of one portion of a project I am working on. I'm going for ease of printing and simplicity in this map and tile set. Some might choose to call them "old-school". The map is at 400dpi and the tiles are at 80dpi.

    Comments & constructive criticisms are, as always, strongly requested.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Cartographist Dungeon Tiles.pdf  

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    Not that much for constructive criticism, but this was just what i need for my DnD dwarven players and the gargoyle ambush. Thanks for putting it here.

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    Very cool, and I expect very useful -- they may soon be in use in one of my games as well.

    As a thought, you could make the set a bit more modular by have a some variations of some of the tiles -- some with exits, some without, or some with, say a pit or a temple or a pool or whatever -- then the DM could mix-and-match the tiles for some different uses.

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