Hello! I'm pleased to meet others who are as enthusiastic about what they love as I am!

I'd like a map made, if possible, to represent the world I'm building. I'm in the process of writing a series/trilogy and truly need to nail this down to continue. So much of history depends on geography. I'm also playing with the idea of a game world for some of my friends.

Please note, I'm very open to any input you might have, and I don't take criticism personally if my ideas of what should be where are wrong. In fact, I want to know - you're the expert. I do hope for communication as things are progressing, and samples if possible. (I'm not sure if that's standard or not.)

First, here is the map I have already made. It's not horrible, but it was the first attempt, and I have some revisions. And frankly, this one took me forever to make. I would rather leave this work to my betters. I would like to keep the general shape, but have more coastal detail/islands, etc. There's too much green where it shouldn't be, the north will be extended upward a bit, and there will be a few changes on the eastern continent. Also, the major islands to the south, which I have named Five Isles, will actually have five isles. Lol! The white line represents roughly 1,000 miles.

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For this project, I would like one world map created, in two phases:

Phase one - I would like it to be large enough to display each region's major geographical features and city/town/road locations. Accuracy matters to me. I could use some input on where towns and routes should/would be. I hope for someone who has enough knowledge of natural geography to be capable of producing believable lakes and rivers. The regions already have general descriptions - desert, forest, plains, etc., and mountain ranges and major forests are -mostly- where they should be.

Phase two - Final revisions made; place names added. (The second phase will be treated as another project and paid separately, but I need to know you'll be available to do that when the time comes. I would rather keep the artistic integrity of your work, and not have to start from scratch again.)

Size and Quality -
I'd love professional, but semi-professional is an option
Web usage for the foreseeable future
Around 2460 x 1920 ??? Is that reasonable, or would smaller be better for what I actually need/can afford?
I don't know if raster or vector is better for what I want.

Style - I really like this map by Max:

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If you're interested in the project and have a different style, please show me a sample of your work anyway! Nothing is set in stone. But keep in mind I like the prudent use of color.

Deadline - a month would be great, but quality is worth waiting for. The 'Fast, Cheap, Good' Project Triangle.

Copyright - I would like reproduction rights to the map. The artist will retain copyright of the map. I will have the right to use the image for commercial purposes, the artist will have the right to exhibit the image as part of his portfolio but not to exploit it for commercial gain.

I believe in giving people credit for their work, and I'll try to include your name if and when I use the map online. Also, there is a slim chance that this project could net some financial gain for me. I'd like to have a discussion about our mutual expectations for this and future projects.

Payment - Please provide a quote - hopefully I have provided enough information. If not, yell at me and I'll expound. I am a freelancer as well, so I understand the true value of your talent. I will gladly pay as much as I am able. Also, as a freelancing voice actor, any type of talent trade we can do would be fantastic. Some ideas of what I can do: voice mail/hold/IVR messages, commercial type scripts, narration for education, books, web videos, etc. I've even recorded an audio file for a friend of mine to play during his table top gaming sessions - I was the voice of the AI system in his sci fi environment. I have a website with demos, and a professional studio.

If it matters to you, I can also provide samples of some my other fantasy writing.

If you're interested, please contact me at audracasino at gmail dot com - for talent trade, Google me! My name isn't common, so you'll find me easily.

Thank you for reading, and I hope to hear from you!