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    Info Looking for a cartographer!

    Hello everyone. I apologize in advance if I've come to the wrong place or am breaking protocol here in some way. Someone referred me to this site as a good place to find a cartographer for a professional project. I looked through the FAQs and forums and stuff to confirm if that was the case, and wasn't really able to verify...

    If that's not really how you guys operate here, feel free to let me know and I'll bugger off, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. If it's cool, let me know and I'll post some additional details on what exactly I'm looking for (hint: it's a map for a fantasy novel, so not anything any of you here are unfamiliar with, I'm sure).

    Oh, I should add, I'm looking for professional work, and expect to pay for it (preferably via PayPal, but am willing to arrange other methods). Like I said, if I've come to the wrong place please let me know and I'll try something like

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    Hi there, welcome to the Guild! You're probably in the right place if you're looking for some cartographer though I moved your post to the Map Request section wich seems the proper one here Also you may want to check this sticky to make your request, that will allow applicants to clearly understand what you're looking for.
    A way to contact you like an e-mail adress could also be helpful since you don't have access to private message system until you reach 5 posts.

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    Thanks so much!

    I didnt know if my email address from the account showed up or not. I can be reached at I'll check out that sticky next, thanks again!

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    Okay! Going to try this out:

    Project Scope:

    Primary uses is for the beginning of an epic (~1000 pages) fantasy novel, with possible miscellaneous uses beyond. For example, i'm hoping to have the site The Great Onion Knighthood - Championing the cause of Onions everywhere redone into a more modern format, and would like for the map to feature there in the future, as well.


    The continent of Itrius on the planet of Morolia in my fantasy setting.

    Design concept:

    I have an original map drawn years ago by a friend who took a brief interest in the hobby, but never went any further in it. It can be found here There's a lot of errors on the map now, as the book has changed dramatically, but the book was written *around* this map, so there's some parts of it that are still accurate. I'll write up a detailed additional document to go through a quick list of the important information in the map, as well as the major changes I'm looking for in the new version, with snippets from the novel itself where relevant.


    Looking for a greyscale map. If it's not too much more difficult I wouldn't mind having a brown/beige version for the website, but I think pure greyscale is what's going to work best within a printed book, so I'm primarily after one of those. But I'm also open to suggestions from seasoned professionals on this front.

    Quality & Size:

    This map is primarily for print purposes, so I'm looking for something page-sized. I'm intending to do a first run as hardback, where the pages tend to be a little bigger, if that helps.

    Time Constraints:

    Flexible, preferably paid via PayPal. The book is written, but still has editing to go through. I'm targeting end of this year as the hopeful release date, but this is a passion project of mine, so nothing's set in stone.


    I would like at least exclusive reproduction rights to the map, but would like to discuss the option of purchasing the copyright myself. If you're an artist who is passionate that you should get to keep your copyright of all of your works, i'm fine with that. But if the price is reasonable, my personal preference is to buy the work fully and outright, so that I can call it a part of the Onion Knighthood project.


    Flexible here, willing to make earnest payment up front. My preference is to stay sub-$500 for the net project, but if I'm convinced that extra detail/work is worth it (and depending on the nature of the copyright situation), I can go over that budget.

    Contact Details:

    I posted this above, but I can be reached at

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    Oh, I forgot to add:

    My personal *favorite* thing (since there is no real timeline) here would be to find someone who's willing to sit down and read through the book itself, and get an idea of the world and take notes for the map in that way, to make sure it's as accurate to the text of the book as possible. But I also *entirely* understand that that's a nonstandard thing, and no one has an interest for that, and will do everything I can to work with you and convey all of the relevant information from the book as best I can.

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    Oh, in my previous post, I forgot to add that I'm also potentially looking for a second map, which is a zoomed-in look of the city itself, Felthespar. Obviously price is going to matter here. If I find someone I really want to work with and cant get the price for two maps down low enough, we'll cut out the second map. But I wanted to get that out there that my *goal* here is to get two maps for around $500.

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    I wanted to update this and note that I've found a cartographer to work with from the site already. Thanks for everyone who sent emails on the subject! I'm really excited to be moving forward, and this seems like a great community here.

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