I decided I wanted more mountains.

First, I wanted cleaner lines if I was going to add my own ink. I didn't like dealing with the JPEG artifacts, even if they were pretty minimal. I took the source image and sampled it up to 20,000 pixels tall. At that size, I went to grayscale and used levels to tighten up the blacks and blast out the light JPEG artifacts. Then I dropped the color space all the way down to pure black and white with a diffusion dither, still at the ultra high resolution.

Once I decided it looked good, I converted back to grayscale and started sampling down in stages, letting the dithered black pixels fuzz out into some gray tones again. I settled on a resolution that would allow me to have a few layers to play with in ProCreate--around 3,500 pixels tall. I took the image into the iPad and went to the "zen mountain happy place" in my head and started adding a little more vertical structure.

I should probably stop before I get carried away. Get to the coloring things in part.

### LATEST WIP ###Click image for larger version. 

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### LATEST WIP ###Click image for larger version. 

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