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With the 158th Map of the Week, we take a look at the Wyrmgrove in Slovania's Eastern Dark Hills. Three dragons, all warrior-sorcerers, lair here, guarding the treasure of the fallen High Draug Martr÷­.

Key to the Wyrmgrove Dungeon Plan

1. Entrance. If one were to come upon the location of the Wyrmgrove, one would find only a strange forest clearing with the bonehill mound in the center and this huge, gaping hole in the ground. Nothing would prevent one from entering it and going through the subterranean passages.

2. The dragon Esja's Lair.

3. The dragon ■jˇ­mar's Lair.

4. The dragon KetilrÝ­ur's Lair.

5. Bonehill. Martr÷­ sent a troop of orcs and ogres into the Dark Hills to excavate these lairs. When they were done, he slew them, so that they could tell no tales. They were buried in this mound.

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