I'm working on a map for a Role Playing setting in a fictional Bronze Age world with some magic/supernatural stuff thrown in (think the Iliad, mixed with Epic of Gilgamesh, meets Conan, meets A Song of Ice and Fire). I've got the map pretty much done. I'm only lacking in a couple of things: cities/settlements, and names of landmarks.

I'm pretty good with thinking of names itself, and there's a few more things I'll have to do to complete the map (legend, clean edges, compass rose, etc.), however I'm stuck on some things and I'd appreciate some help with them.

Looking for:

- Font suggestions (anything that would fit the setting, but is also readable. I don't really want to use Papyrus for example.)
- Naming styles (i.e. should I have a square background to place the names on or should I just place it directly onto the map?)
- Good city/settlement locations (I can see some places, but another set of eyes would be handy. Feel free to take the map and mark it up if you choose.)
- Icon suggestions (Should I go with simple shapes; square, circle, etc. or should I go with something more stylistic?)

And so, the map:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!