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Hello everyone,
I am hoping to get a map made for a world I have been making. I started making this world when I was in 6th grade (I am now a senior in college) and it has since changed and been remade, and changed again, and was further developed until it became what it today. The world is very nearly complete, missing only minor details. The world itself has two continents, but I am only focusing on one of the two at this time.

Originally I had wanted to turn my world into a game, but a book at this time seems far more plausible, so I have began writing and now have a few chapters completed. While it is quite far from being completed, I would like the map finished since I have finished up developing the world.

I would like the map to be in a style similar to that of Tolkien, though not as drastically detailed, but keeping the older feel to it. I have sample maps that I have drawn, though they are not of very high quality given when I had drawn them, and if they do not provide the details required for a more professional job I am quite willing to provide answers to any questions to aid in that process. Given that the maps were drawn quite a while ago, all dimensions on them can be ignored; I do not have the best sense of size comparison. Aside from the overall map I do have smaller maps of each region within the world. All maps are able to be changed somewhat, except for one which my book is currently taking place in and has all important details set. For each region I will also provide a base historical background to aid in the development.

I am currently writing using word 2013, so whatever size would best fit a standard page, or can be separated between two and still look good, I would be quite happy with.

As for payment, I do not see in the near future my book being mass produced, nor it being created into a game. Once I finish my book, I plan to make a printed copy for myself, my family, and those who helped make my world (this would include the map maker.) If, however, you do want to be paid for your efforts, cuz let's face it money is always nice, then I would be happy to talk about it over email to see what a proper price tag would be for the project.

Thank you all for taking time to read through my post, and I hope one of you are up for the task.

You can contact me via this email