Hi there, I'm a 4th year university student studying high school teaching (english and drama!). I also happen to love writing. For the past 4 years I've been worldbuilding and writing parts of a fantasy series. I also happen to be pretty average at drawing and designing, which has put me in the position where I have rough sketches of my world map, but left frustrated with certain aspects.

Project Scope

So what I was wondering was, if someone could please help me out in creating a slightly more believable map for me to continue writing and worldbuilding. The map is a global type, with the continents on it. Something like this Attachment 65012.

Eventually I would like it to use not this map, but obviously the contents (sorry for phrasing, I don't fully understand copyright law) of this map, later on if a dream comes true and I manage to publish this novel. What I am asking for help with now is not a final map or even a particularly detailed one. I just need the continents, ah, reshaped, so they look plausible, and presented with perhaps a few major dot markings representing cities etc, with possibly some cartography present in regards to the lay of the land.

The scale of the map will be whatever scale is used in maps of the earth currently, since I figure earth is as good a planet to base this fantasy one as any, scale wise.

Re: payment. I would be happy to pay ~50 (more if that's what the artist deems appropriate, you guys are the expert, not me!) however I'd like reiterate that this isn't meant to be a big time consuming project, nor a finished proof of work, just a rough concept piece. I'm coming here because I'm sure your rough concept work is a million times better than my best effort.

Re: copyright. I don't need reproduction rights or copyright or anything for this map, however, I will want to use this creative IP in another, more detailed map later on. Ideally if that's something the artist who hopefully does this piece is interested in, I would be happy to return to them and commission them when the time comes. I hope I've made my meaning clear.

Time Constraits: None! Whenever someone is free and willing to knock this up for me is great with me!

Quality and Size: Semi professional at best
Not required for print, just looking on a computer screen.

Contact details

email is

Thanks for reading and please reply to me with more questions and/or prompts if I didn't cover anything.