Dear all,

this is my first message on this forum. For my own use, I would like to create a prototype for a game at the beginning of roman empire period. I am absolutely unable to make it myself, this is why I am asking for your help I have no idea of the usual cost for it, and as a student I cannot pay it uncredibly well, but I am absolutely willing to pay.


The map should cover the borders of the Roman Empire (basically, Mediterrean Sea and around -from North of Africa to Great Britain, going on the east until Arabia). Here is an example of the surface that should be covered :


It would be for a historical game, so, anything that would look a bit ancient. The map should be divided into 9 main Provinces :
Great Britain
Gaule (France)
Italy (including the north, which nowadays corresponds to Switserland)
Egypt (including Cyrene)
Africa (up to Cyrene)
Greece (including balkan countries, Croatia, etc.)
Anatolia (corresponding to Turkey)
Syria (all the area east from the Mediterranean Sea, from Antioch up to Jerusalem)

Each of this province should be itself divided into a few (3-4) zones. (I will include some sketch to provide the details).

Quality & Size

Basically I would like the map to be A2 size (4 normal A4 parts). 42 cm / 59,4 cm. At the moment, it's still for a prototype, so that I can try out the mechanisms of the game. Semi professionnal quality would be very fine!


Thank you very much for your help!