Hey guys!

I only joined yesterday and posted one map I had done. At that time, however, I was already working on a second one. It is on that second one that I seem to have struck a bit of a dead end. I will explain, but here's the picture before anything:

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Before anything, I will admit that I've never done anything at this resolution before. After reading several tutorials on various things, looking at what I have so far is somewhat worrying. Of course, everything is on its own layer so any changes are easily made. However, I read that most people here make maps at 300 DPI/PPI. Mine is at the standard 72. I know DPI/PPI is used in printing but I'm wondering if there's some upside to having it at 300 that I'm not aware of.

On top of that, I'm starting to think that it's too big simply because I'm not sure how to fill it all. I don't want to fill the whole thing in with mountains/trees but the wide open white areas look too dull now. I'm not worried about color/textures too much yet, as I already have several possibilities lined up for all that. If you guys have any advice/comments to give, I'd really appreciate it. I think this one could turn out really nice but I'm starting to think I'm a bit out of my league here.