Hello everyone, my name is Jon and I'm new here to the forms. I've been a game master/Dungeonmaster for about 10 years now, and some of my favorite parts about being a Gamemaster is creating places and people to inhabit those places. I joined the forum so that I might be able to get some tips on drawing world and town maps for my games. I am definitely not an artist so anything that I can learn off of the forum will be very helpful. I am interested in the hands of drawing maps. I don't have anything against using a computer program, I just don't know how to use computers all that well and I think it would just be easier for me to do things by hand.

I have looked at some of the pictures in the gallery and you all are very talented. Thank you for reading my post and allowing me to introduce myself. If anybody has any tips that they can share with me feel free to respond to this post. I need all the help I can get