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    Like my previous gothic castle map, the purpose was not to create a map, rather to provide inspiration to create photo-realistic map objects for my upcoming Gothic Horror Map Icon set. I went for something more modern...

    The 7th ward of the, now abandoned, State Psychiatric Asylum which is said to be the most haunted location known. Unknown to the paranormal investigators this is what can be found: (top left) padded cell inhabited by shadow people, (top 2nd) a patient room with active poltergeist activity, (top 3rd) invisible spirit sleeping in bed, (top 4th) diembodied spirit, (top 5th) elevator shaft with a victim's spirit, (bottom left) lobodomy/electro-shock center with an aberration serving as entrance to the "other side", (bottom right) office with a pool of ectoplasm serving as the exit from the "other side". Why is there a ghost dog at the top of the stairs? One of the patients believed he was a dog and is so in the afterlife... Enjoy!

    Created in Xara Designer Pro 9, the floating chair and book in the poltergeist room are the only 3D objects, everything else is vector work.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    I like the way that this turned out. There is definitely some disturbing stuff going on there.

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