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    Default Testing Photoshop for mapping

    Well I had a few minutes at work and wanted to see if I could use the mouse and the basic filters and noise (clouds) to generate a reasonable landscape and the results look promising. I didn't want to clog the 'good' threads with my baby experiment so put it here. I do have some experience making natural textures and have been using Photoshop for other stuff for a long time so hopefully not starting from zero but I'm amazed when I see the incredible detail in the maps posted in these forums.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Great start !! Don't be afraid to post in the relevant WIP section, it's a great way to get feedback on your work. Speaking of feedback, I really like the shape of your landmass and the overall texture. I do have a couple of suggestions; The bodies of water appear to be "floating" above your landmass. This could be due to a drop shadow. try lowering the opacity of that shadow and maybe adding a light blur as well. I',m not sure what the scale of this is, but the stone texture seems large perhaps re-sizing that texture would help. As I stated earlier, it's a great start and keep up the good work !! (oh and have some rep )
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    Oops now that I get home I see the problem with my rivers - the monitor at work isn't calibrated (its a large LED TV) much less impressive. 8O

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