Hello guild! Post apocalyptic universe has always been a passion for me till i discovered the fallout game series. With this month subject i wanted to try a post apocalyptic map with modern size cities destroyed by huge impacts.

Before the end of the 21th Century mankind's civilisation had spread all over the earth, the continuous population growth was a major issue. But before starvation became a threat to civilisation, astronomers discovers that a huge asteroid was pointing earth, a big one, even bigger than the one that ended the dinosaurs era.
Of course science tried to prevent that, space missions with nuclears bombs were sent to destroy the asteroid. But those explosions failed to prevent the collision, the only result was the fragmentation of the asteroid in multiple parts. After that failure it was clear that civilisation was coming to a brutal and unexpected end. A few lucky ones had the chance to take place in atomic shelters, giving them a chance to survive the fall and maybe save mankind from exctinction. The rest of mankind became crazy, insurections and madness go higher and higer as the fall was approaching. During the last days before the fall multiple nuclear missiles were launched, a last scream of hate of condemned nations to each other. Then it was the fall, thousands of asteroid parts hit the planet, each with the energy of nuclear bombs. Almost all life at the surface of earth was instantly destroyed. The remaining survivors then had to face a nuclear winter, the dust raised by the impacts remains in the atmosphere for decades. A century after the fall and the end of the nuclear winter earth was unrecognizable, thousands of craters sprinkle the landscape, the only remaining noise being the wind whispering in the streets of ruined cities.
(sorry if my english sucks)
First i download a digital elevation model of the moon and played with it a bit with QGIS wilbur and photoshop to make an hillshade. I think i'll try to do multiple views of the planet at different scales to show the desolation.
### Latest WIP ###
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