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Thread: Newbridge, NJ - From the Best Show on WFMU

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    well i can't tell how the fans will react, but just based on the quality of the map it's a great project, good luck in your efforts

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    I think quite a lot of change since the last update. I've added all the hospitals and the sports arenas so I beleive that's juuuuust about all of the large entitities. In the last couple days I have been focusing heavily on the downtown region, been removing and rerouting a lot of the roads I laid down at the beginning because the blocks were probably too small, but it looks much better for it. The first layout was done rather quickly and haphazardly, mostly done just so I was actually working on the file and not just in my head, that was slowing me down too much. I still spend a lot of time in my head visualizing and rearranging things fifty times before I draw anything, it's kinda frustrating, I spent probably 25 minutes before I finalized the Wendy's. But I think I'm getting better about it and starting to work at a quicker clip. I'm happy to be progressing on downtown, I'd been putting it off, worried about how easy it would be to properly integrate/transition it with the residential areas and more spread out arterial roads but I think this is looking pretty good and realistic.
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    It's seems to be progressing nicely. I'm looking forward to the next update.

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