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Thread: Help with my first map

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    Help Help with my first map

    Hello Guys this is my first post here, when I was younger I used to play tabletop Gaming, recently I decided to give it another shot and with that the desire to make maps came along, i started to create a map of a yet unnamed world, but currently I'm heaving some trouble to color it, I kinda wanted to do a style that make my map look like is was hand drawn, something more cartoonish, I use photoshop and here is my map:

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    Any tips, guides, links or tutorials you can give me will be usefull, thank you

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    Good job on this map
    The symbols look well placed and the sea color seems nice.
    On the cartoonish maps, maybe you could head over to the Tutorial area, maybe you'l find something that you can use. In any case, find an artist you really like and ask him for help via Private Message.
    In the Mapping Elements section, you can get brushes, textures and other miscellaneous goodies to use in your maps.

    In my opinion, fade the colors of the symbols a bit more. Pure black looks to strong. Tone it down to a dark grey (if your map is monotone) or a dark brown (if you're gonna color the land) After that you could add a very simple parchment texture to the ground.

    Keep up the good work

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    Very nice map so far. It looks a lot like the style I'm aiming for (but I keep missing for some reason). I do have a few tips, despite being rather new to these forums myself.

    You're going for something that looks handdrawn, and a bit cartoonish. It just so happens that my first and (so far) only finished product on this website is exactly in that style. I even used the same brush sets, though I added something to it. The link to said map is here. I made a layer under the trees/mountins/hills layers and colored all of them in so make them pop out a bit more. The handdrawn bit I tried to do just by leaving the land white, and putting a big paper texture over the whole thing and messing with the blend modes. It colored in the lands a bit yellowish while keeping the faint blue color on the ocean. Of course, this doesn't work if you want different parts of your land to have different colors.

    That's the best I can do in terms of advice. Good luck, and keep up the good work! Looks very nice.

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