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Thread: Urban City Map Conversion

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    Help Urban City Map Conversion

    I'm looking for a good, minimalistic way to convert a google map portion or scanned city map into a neat, simple vector map that I can scale to my needs. I have the latest Illustrator and have found a tutorial I like. However, the tutorial uses layer styles to bulk-style the streets I trace. The problem with this is I would like major streets to be slightly bigger, like in normal maps. Any tips or other tutorials that anyone has for modern city map raster to vector conversions?

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    I haven't tried this but I'll offer my advice for what it's worth. I guess it depends on how you are doing the tracing. If you're doing it manually then I would just use separate layers for each category of element you want to use (small streets, big streets, highways, green space, etc) and format each layer as you like. If you're doing the tracing automatically, using LivePaint or whatever it's called, then you might have luck using some of the advanced selection tools. The menu is Select > Same > and then there's a few different options for what to select. So as long as the accuracy of your trace is high you should be able to use some of those commands to select all the elements that are the same and then collect them on individual layers. Hope that is useful!


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    There is a video course on creating maps from google type maps in illustrator. Its here on
    Watch the Online Video Course Creating a Map with Illustrator

    I have been a subscriber to the site for a while but I believe you can watch a portion of the videos for free without subscribing perhaps it will be of some help.

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