Hey everyone,

This is my first post here and I am looking for a cartographer to help me produce my first comic series. Hope to here from you all soon.

Project Scope:

I have started a series of fantasy/adventure comics the first story arch of which is set on the continent of Kplir. We are currently half way through the first issue (pencils, inks, colours) of 24 pages and now is about the right time to start looking for the right man/lady to make the continental map and to make it look awesome. I have no mapping software nor any experience making maps, I am looking for the whole package here.

The continent of Kplir, a vast landscape made up of tundra, grasslands, jungles, mountain ranges and deserts, several islands branching off from it.

Design Concept:
Kplir is in the southern hemisphere of the planet. The island of Cermia and the Garbian Provence in the west should be thought of as rural Ireland with elements of volcanic, nordic Iceland in parts also. The Djibailow jungle, think Papua New Guinean rain forest, and the Owami desert, based on the desert of the same name in Nigeria, make up the north and the large empire of Tyrmore makes up east, most grasslands with occasional savanna. Various city states exist also. A key showing major cities, trade routes, capital cities, major ports and such is needed too.

Number of maps:
For now, one map.

300 dpi minimum. Jpg or tiff files
Full colour.

Remains with cartographer.
Publisher retains right to reproduce the maps in all future issues and for promotional materials.

Flexible. The map is not needed immediately but I would like to get started on the design sooner rather than later.

$150, payable via Paypal.
Two print copies of the finished book upon publication (if requested)

Chris Ruston

Please use subject line: COTR

Thanks a lot guys.