Well, first of all, hi, and thanks for reading this request. I tried a few times to make a map by my own, but failed, maybe it's because i don't know how to use Photoshop, and I use Photofiltre Studio X (that might be obsolete). I am not looking for something really like: "OMG THATS TOOK ME THREE DAYS TO MAKE", only a awesome map to use with my friends. I'm don't have none intentions in selling the map or something like this. Well... my request:
This is the pseudo-map that I have made, it's kind of weird. The black lines are borders of countrys, the red line is where I wanted to have some mountains (it can be extended as your please) and this blue line is a river, but I wanted some more rivers also. The north is cold, a frozen area. By the south-west I tried to make some kind of desert. In the east and southeast have a enormous florest. If possible I would like it in an Atlas way... I checked in the "Requesting a map? Please read me" and I think that I'm asking for a semi-professional, or maybe something not even there. Don't know how it works haha
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Time: I would like it until the day 6, a sunday. But if you can make it to a more forward date, I would still appreciated. A lot.
Contat: I can post my e-mail after the thread get some answers, but I would like to ask to put the image here, in the own thread, just so I can download it or something like this. But as you please.

Again, thank you for reading, maybe i'm asking too much, I don't really know... Yeah, sorry for my english, it's not my native language... I would love to learn to do those maps, but I suck at it and can only use the Photofiltre... Please if you don't have nothing to do and have already finished all your games, works, and everything, and are looking for something to do, make this map happen! Thanks! (Sorry if I missed some information, or other thing)