I'm working with CC3 and am involved with creating some maps for a fiction writing project. As I'm moving through the project, I would like to make one large map of a continent then take smaller scale portions of it for the individual stories that will be written as I move along. For instance, the original map is quite large, on the order 2000 x 2500, but one of the stories will only take place in an area of about 200 miles. So I would to take a potion of the original map, and make a 'blown up' one easier reference.

The CC3 guide does have instructions using the trace program for a function that seems to do this, but the processes they describe, although step by step, is very confusing and never seems to take the portion of the map that is needed. Its also quite labor intensive in that your pushing down objects etc.,. Is the trace function the only one available, or are there other ways of going about it that are less confusing in CC3.