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    Hey there guys, so I`ve been working with a boardgame company called Riachuelo Games, here in Brazil. I started two projects with them, one is called Berdolock`s Fortress, a PnP Dungeon Crawler, I started a thread a couple of months a go about it. The other is called Vaporaria, a steampunk wargame, where player will fight with Mekas, and other cool stuff on a game matt.

    I was tasked on creating a battlemap (A2 size), similar to a battlefield, with craters, destruction and all those stuff. At first I was a bit nervous, since my texturing skills where not so good, but I decided to give it a try. I started reading some tutorials (specially the ones from Pasis, thanks a lot man!), and began to test it. The first trys were horrible, I tried to create something from VUE, and other 3D softwares but the results were always bad. After a few weeks I decided to give it another go, and for the first time I saw a good start, and it`s this one. (Im still using some low res textures, and the JPG doesn`t help either, also the fact that I rotated some of those textures on PS, which cause an ugly bluriness). Hope you guys like the head start and also any tips are welcome!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The shadows on craters looks wrong, no? It looks domes rather than craters for me.
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    It is a good start. The carters are too regular and I agree they look like domes. The tire tracks look good. They are tires not tracks right?


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