Hello folks,

I am looking for a map to write a novel on, as well as my friend plans to design a game using the same map. This is for our own fun as we enjoy designing and creating stories and games. However, we aren’t artistic, nor do we have a solid idea of what we want our map to look like. I will preface this by saying that in the off-chance our ideas get published, you will be entitled to 0.5-5% profit compensation or the copyright privileges to your map that we would purchase from you. However, we aren’t expecting great success, just something for fun.
We’d like someone to come up with a creative world map for a fantasy-themed novel.

The only general base ideas we have so far are we want to include the elements:
Primarily Wind/Water/Fire/Earth and potentially Light/Shadow

As well as three primary continents we’ve come up with so far…A northern race who are based off northern Europe. A southern race based off middle east/Egypt/North Africa, and a race similar to Caucasian from Canada/USA.

Ultimately you can be as creative as you want. The book idea is a central themed training ground/school/castle that would be comprised of members from all continents and separate from any individual location.

As with any fantasy land, you are free to come up with many secrets, important features, etc.
We would like to keep the Water to Land ratio to be least 50:50 up to 30:70 in favour of land. Water is very pretty on a map but can only be used so much for stories.

Ultimately this would be a great pet project or something fun for the inspired creative designer. Please let me know if you are interested and let your creative ideas flow!

Thank you very kindly, your talents are appreciated.

If you are interested in an open dialogue comment below or email coleclarke14 at gmail!