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Thread: The Birth of a Kingdom

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    Default The Birth of a Kingdom

    Greetings Guild,

    I have been in love with the world of cartography ever since I started playing Dungeons&Dragons back in 2001. I have created many worlds and maps sense then, and I will admit, most of the maps were rushed and poorly planned out.
    I had struggled with world building for a long time and used random generators for everything. The process of creating everything by random, removed the human from the decisions and detached me from the process to the point were it became boring.

    So I have decided to create a world from Day 1. I will start with a handful of small tribes throughout the map, and go year by year, with their expansion.
    I will roll out certain things, such as wars, rebellions, travels, building etc.
    I believe this way will give me a fully flushed out world, with no blank spaces left.
    I hope this will remove the "improv" out of world descriptions and history, and will provide the player a much more complete environment to interact with.

    The things I will take into consideration while building the world (in no specific order) :

    Population growth
    Natural Disasters
    Wild Life
    Road systems
    Travel techniques
    Value of Goods
    Political Systems

    Eventually I will flush it out down to each individual building and maybe person (at the LEAST important people)

    So this map is the starting point. I couldn't have created it without the fantastic collection of tutorials this website has provided.
    The rivers will be fixed before I begin this project. I just wanted to get this first post created, as to let the community know what I will be working on.
    Also feel free to comment on the starting map itself. I know it isn't perfect, and my feelings won't be hurt if you voice your opinions.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	65473d1404526709-any-advice-mountains-s4onl1.jpg 
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    The reason I am making this a post:

    1. I hope to be more active in the community and hopefully this project will gain some interest.
    2. I would be interested to hear feedback from the community as to the idea itself, and thoughts as the project develops.
    3. I wanted an online record of the process.

    I would love to hear any and all ideas and feedback!

    Thanks community!

    Capt. JH

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    Hey Captain, I moved your thread in the WIP section which seems to be the proper one here

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    Hello! I was wondering if I could get permission to use your map for my NationStates country, as the map of the country. Is that okay?

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