I'm Eric. Veteran RPG GM for about thirty years I now find myself getting my fix online with the Fantasy Grounds VTT. Sometimes I need a map for an encounter and can't find it. In that case I resort to designing my games around the maps I can find. There are many good fantasy maps but since my days of wizards and elves slaying dragons are gone and need maps for different genre (modern, post-apocalyptic or western) I had to force myself to adapt to the technology. I went through a bunch of tutorials I found on here. There are some very talented and resourceful members on here, some I've purchased their work even. So to you all I say thank you very much! So far I like the results I've gotten from tuts and tips on these forums for the past month. Still a long shot from where I want to be at but I'm sure I'll eventually get there. Oh and my weapon of choice is Photoshop.