Hey there, everyone, and welcome to the July Challenge. Your mission this time around is to map a barbarian invasion! This could be an actual historical invasion, like the Huns or the Mongols; you could map an invasion from a novel or movie; or something you've made up on the spot.

The genre doesn't matter - feel free to stay with a traditional barbarian invasion (is there such a thing? ), or let your imagination roam and map out the route of an intergalactic barbarian horde ravaging a star republic.

Nor does the subject and presentation matter - the only stipulation is that your map has to feature a barbarian invasion in some way. This could take the form of mapping the actual invasion route and major battles, or you could show the aftermath of the invasion and effects of it on the surrounding lands. Or both, or neither. The choice is up to you.

As an extra special prize, for this Challenge not only will the winner receive a shiny Golden Compass, he or she will ALSO receive a $20 US gift certificate for Amazon.com, donated by yours truly.
*** Note: If I win the challenge, the gift certificate will go to the runner-up. The winner keeps the Compass. In the event of a tie between myself and someone else, both would receive the Compass, and the other party would get the certificate. ***

(Not that I expect to win, what with the increasing level of artistry around here...)


As usual, please make sure to title your threads: July 2014 Challenge: <your title here>

Also, don't forget to precede each work in progress picture with the label: ### Lates WIP ### This way the thumbnail scraper can find your entry and all the voters will be able to see it at the end of the month.


This challenge will end on or around the 31st of July, after which there will be a THREE day voting period.

Good luck, everyone!