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    I would like to commission an artist to create a custom map for me. The timing is short as I must have the map finished by august 1- approximately 3 weeks from now. I will gladly pay (via paypal) for the work. My budget is $1,500 which I hope reflects the tight deadline and the necessary partnering (and patience) as the artist progresses.. I can discuss details privately with an interested artist.

    I am new to this site so will need to be contacted via my email. Please contact me at msimmons =AT=

    The map will be primarily of USA, heavily modified for our family history and family stories. This means USA will be drawn like a colonial map with a few small side drawings (see “Argonaut” map below for what I mean by side drawings) of Europe (really UK and Italy), Houston, and Cambridge. It is not a historically accurate map so there is substantial artistic flexibility for the artist. Please note that given the subject is ultimately family lore, this is really more of a fantasy map made to look like a 16th century map.
    I can give more details on the “colonies” and the side drawings to the willing artist. I have a (very bad) draft of what I have in mind that I can forward to the interested artist. While my drawing looks cartoonish, I do not want the final product to look like a cartoon.

    I would like an antique style with color outlines- something akin to 16th century maps. Similar to the “argonaut” map at the following link

    Historical Old Maps - Voyage of the Argonauts

    or to max’s beautiful vardenia and urenia map on this site

    Quality and size
    Ideally, this would be approximately 20 inches across and 16 inches tall. It needs to be suitable for framing.

    This is strictly a personal gift and I would not like it reproduced (other than perhaps a copy for myself).

    Respectfully Submitted,


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    Very interested in this. Email sent.
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