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Thread: A chart of Central Orbani, Adjacent Isles, and the Northern part of the Wilds

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    Default A chart of Central Orbani, Adjacent Isles, and the Northern part of the Wilds

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    Hi everyone,

    I've been working on the fantasy webcomic Spindrift for about 3 years now, and one of my favorite aspects of this project is all the worldbuilding it requires. I soon realized that I would need a map to keep the story grounded, and to get a feel for distances when characters travel - but also because some of the geography is relevant for the plot and the backstories of some of the characters. This means that a lot of the locations on the map have their own histories and flavor.

    Everything on the map was made in Photoshop, apart from the paper texture, which is a combination of a handmade paper and a sheet of copy paper stained with a variety of household products (tea, coffee, wine and salt, if you must know.) which I both scanned.

    I'll also post a thread with my process, although I joined the forums after this map was made so it's to late to make changes based on feedback. Suggestions for the future are always useful of course and perhaps some might find it interesting to see the older versions and sketches (I'll edit the link in once it's up).

    I also have to credit my co-writer Charlotte E. English and several friends, for helping me pick names for some of the towns and areas <3.

    For those interested in the webcomic, it's up for reading here: - Spindrift -

    I hope you guys like it .

    edit: Here's the thread with the process:
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