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    This is an other map that I loved to show you guys.
    It was made last year for Charlotte E. English and it's displaying the 'The Seven Realms' from her marvelous fantasy novels 'The Draykon Series', naturally all the credit for the names and regions goes to her.

    What was important for this map, was that there had to be a divide between the Daylands and the Darklands, and Orlind had to remain a complete mystery, so that's why it appears as a blank region. It was a fun challenge to make a map based on directions from someone else. Though I wish I had spend a bit more time on the ornaments, which where added as a last touch.

    The map was made in Photoshop, like my other maps. Sadly, no process to show in this case. I haven't saved any of it.

    On a sidenote: I can highly recommend the novels to anyone who agrees that 'fantasy mystery with a hint of steampunk' sounds awesome, it also helps that the first book is entirely free .

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    Wow, really great looking map.

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    Thank you ^_^

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