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Thread: Historical Encyclopedia of the Continent of Valarina

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    Map Historical Encyclopedia of the Continent of Valarina

    Hi guys, earlier this year I had posted my maps for my continent of Valarina. I have used Valarina as a playground for political scenarios for over 6 years. This summer I have decided to take my continent completely back to the beginning to see how countries and empires evolved on this landmass. Therefore I will make a map starting slightly after when the first nomadic tribes have settled down. All humanity on this continent is derived from three nomadic tribes, the Dorral, the Nevan, and the Va'Laresh. The encylopedia is being written by a fictional Forettia da'Lamia in modern times on the continent of Valarina. I am more than welcome to collaboration and suggestions, I think it would be cool if the community had a role within the growth of the continent of Valarina.

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    Here is the first map and the first encyclopedia entry

    Click image for larger version. 

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    23 Post Nomadinium -

    All the inhabitants of Valarina are rumored to be all descendants of one race the Valarin. The earliest artifacts that have been found however indicate that there was at one point a schism that lead to the creation of three distinct nomadic tribes. These tribes were known as the Dorral, the Nevan and the Va’Laresh. It was these three tribes that had settled the first cities in Valarina and were the predecessors of the myriad of cultures found in modern day Valarina.

    The Dorral had settled in the elevated rocky lands in the north-west. Settling on the mouth of the Vora river, which they used for easy access to the Siranese Ocean without having to handle the cliffs that lined the northwestern shore. The Dorralor named their cit, Duvantil, in respect to their pagan god of fishing and the sea: Vontil. The city relied many on the produce found within the sea and the evergreen forests for wood in order to survive. The Dorralor were lead by their chieftain, Arvorum. The Dorral were known for their hunting prowess.

    The Nevan on the other hand had settled on the south-west bank of the gulf of Tosan. Their environment unlike the Dorral was very flat and full of fields. They relied on herding aurochs for their main supply, in addition to the produce of the sea. The females in this society were extremely respected and used as auroch-healers and auroch-keepers. Their settlement was known as Bastiv named after the respective word for female auroch in the Nevan language: Bahas’tia. The Nevan were lead by Horavond, who was supported by his daughter and the clans best auroch-healer Uvolla.

    The Va’Laresh had settled in central southern Valarina on the banks of the Rellan. Using the river for most of their needs, they treated it like a diety. Constructing along river various shrines to appease their deities. These shrines known as Rushis eventually lead to the name of the settlement which was a portmanteau of the words Rushi and Läa, the Va’Laresh goddess of rain. They were lead by their chieftain Ciprossa and his son Civoss.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    46 Post Nomidium -

    After the death of the chieftain Arvorum the Dorralor leadership had fallen into the hands of his grandchild Purvol. However, being of the age of 4 Purvol was only the leader nominally, the clan was effectively lead by his mother and his older sister , Devinar and Hanne. Both of them being incredibly religious they had used their newfound power to raise a temple to the god of the sky Kalim, this temple built on the cliffs of northwest Valarina was to be known as Vera Kalim. The name in the ancient Dorral means “seeing Kalim” as they believed that this location on the cliff was the only place that the priests could communicate with their god of the sky.

    49 Post Nomidium-

    The Nevan success in their auroch herding has lead them to create two new settlements, one to the west and one to east. Each settlement served as an outpost. To keep their Auroch’s healthy the herd was moved along the three Nevan settlements, Hvass, Bastiv and Barasii. It was also in this year that certain mysterious illness plagued the Nevan herds. Now the clan who was led by Uvolla, Horavonds daughter, relied on their auroch healers for survival. It was the auroch healer Elianel, Uvolla niece, that found the cure to the mysterious disease. After this act Elianel was venerated throughout the Nevan.

    56 Post Nomadium-

    After several more years of service Elianel had become the clear favorite of the Nevan tribe. Fearing that Uvolla’s own daughter, Laismel, would loose the succession Uvolla under the guise of honoring Elianel, gives her a herd of 50 aurochs and several followers and gives her the blessing to start her own sister tribe. However, Uvolla plans the location of the new tribe in such a way that they would be totally dependent on her tribe to survive. Hence, Elianel’s Nevan travel out into the wast fields of northern Valarina, finally settling on a hill next to a spring. Elianel’s new settlement was to be known as Lanay.

    63 Post Nomadium -

    Ciprossa of the Va’Laresh dies leaving the leadership of his tribe to his son Civoss.

    73 Post Nomadium -

    Civoss dies and leaves his tribe in the care of his three sons Brassor, Asnion and Torian. Traditionally the clan leadership would have passed to Brassor However due to Asnion’s popularity he was elected by the tribe council to be the next chieftain. In rage Brassor took his supporters and followers and established him self on north of the Rellan. His two settlements were known as Mandaroon and Sibelin. Asnion commanding his troops from La’Rush and Brassor from Mandaroon continued to wage small skirmishes and battles for many years to come. Under the advice of their mother the youngest brother Torian, went out west in order to create a temple to Ial the god of peace. This shrine was known as Sha’ial. From then on Torian seized land from Sha’ial all the way to the Rellan declaring this as a stand against the warmongering ways of his brothers. Enraged by the acts of Torian, Asnion decrees the creation of Rivvon, a settlement used to regulate the activities of Torian on the Rellan.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    82 Post Nomadium

    Purvol’s Land is inherited is inherited by his son Arvorum II. During the succession Purrot and Trunken both Arvorum II cousins leave the clan in order to find glory for themselves. Purrot heads south as Trunken heads east.

    91 Post Nomadium

    The war in between Asnion's and Brassor’s Va’Laresh Heightens. The tide is turned at the battle of Mandaroon, in which Asnion’s forces are obliterated. As Asnion and his people flee eastward for the mountains establishing an new settlement and stronghold named Sin’Fellon. As Asnion’s forces retreat Brassor seizes the city of La’Rush and the settlement of Rivvon.

    103 Post Nomadium
    After the death of Laismel the Nevan clan is once again split in two among two cousins. Uvolla the second remains the leader of the original Nevan clan as her cousin Porosina is given lands to the east to govern. Porosina due to her skill in bone working is often referred to as Tosii, which is the nevan word for horn. Elianel’s Nevan is now known as the Elianev having developed separate traditions from the Nevan, they are known for their mystics and deviners.

    116 Post Nomadium

    In an unexpected act of aggression Purrot’s Dorralor turns on his cousin and seizes from him all the land south of the Vontil river. Instead of launching a counter attack, Avorum II recognizes his cousins sovereignty in the south.

    135 Post Nomadium

    Now lead by the sons and daughters of Brassor, Asnion, and Torian, Ciprossa II, Asdael, and Torindia respectively the three Va’laresh kingdoms continued to feud. Although there is no outright war the three clans are constantly watching each others moves. Torian’s Va’Laresh now known as the To’Laresh expand westward toward the Paranite ocean. Brassor’s Va’LAresh known as the Bra’Laresh were busy repairing the damages done to La’Rush and Rivvon during the first Va’Laresh Sucession War. Asnion’s Va’Laresh know having adapted to the mountainous stronghold of Sin’Fellon renounce their roots of Va’Laresh and declare themselves the Varaani. As the Varaani in an attempt to keep and eye on their enemies they create the outpost settlement of Santrale. Also, hoping to increase their resources settle Prettia in the high hills of the east.

    162 Post Nomadium

    Tensions rise after the death of Purrot’s daughter who was married to Trunten’s son. The Dorralor appear to be on the verge of war.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    this is the newest map at 243 pn

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    That seems to be a very ambitious project. Good job so far!

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    An interesting project indeed.

    Have you considered changing your map style to something more in character though?

    The style you use is quite good - simple and informative, very well suited to historical maps. But it is also clearly digital and more a "fake antique" style than something a "modern times" (whatever that is going to mean in your world) cartographer would produce.
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    Thanks Llannagh and Freodin for the support.

    Freodin as you mentioned I hadnt really thought of the map in the reality of the world that it is supposed to exist in. When I referred to modern times I had meant modern times in my lore which is the height of the Lureshan empire which would have probably the technology of an early renaissance nation. Also, Im fairly new to mapping and don't really know how to produce different styles yet, although Im working on it. I mostly do this because Im a big fan of history and lore.

    Also Freodin and Llannagh feel free to give any input on the lore or anything, Im very interested in collaborating with the community.

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    Here is what i have as a prototype for a city map. I decided to use the coastal city of Bastiv as a trial run.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bastic.jpg 
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ID:	65653Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bastic.jpg 
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    I really understand your project since I've done similar ones before (on paper, that was before I knew the guild). I really like your city and its shape, very original.

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