Hi all!

Been a lurker and admirer for a long time, and finally had the courage to spend some money on a mapping software and start learning.

My software of choice was CC3, with CD 3 and DD3 add-ons. I watched all the official video tutorials, but although I grasped some of the basic concepts, I still can't seem to be albe to get out of zero %!

The particular difficulty I'm having is deciding which of the 3 tools would be more adequate to map a regular, run-on-the-mill cemetery battlemap. I'm looking for a two sided cemetery, one for the rich, one for the poor people, and this last one has been messed up.

The tools are certainly powerful, but, for instance, when using DD3, I couldn't find a grass floor filling, which I found very weird.

Anyway, could you guys shed some light to me, or at least point me to the answers?

Thanks a lot!!