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Thread: How much do very high resolution map commissions cost?

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    Question How much do very high resolution map commissions cost?

    I am posting this here rather than in the mapmaking requests board because I do not yet have a map to request. Instead I am looking for a price range on approximately how much it will cost so I can start saving up. I am looking to commission a very large and high resolution map (in the range of 5,000 to 7,000 pixels in each dimension) of a fantasy continent.

    An example of a style similar to what I'm looking for can be found in Levodoom's Arganorh maps on deviantart. The following link goes to this map.
    Arganorh - The Twin Continents by Levodoom on deviantART

    So my question is how much would a map similar to this (but with more labels for cities, towns, etc.) cost to commission.?

    If this thread is in the wrong place could a mod please move it?

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    Prices can vary depending artists ( and many parameters like skill level, style etc.) so I would suggest to refine a map request and discuss with the applicants about their quotes.

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    I am not entirely sure what a refined map request entails. Basic sketches? Detailed sketches? Place names? World history?

    I'm not looking for a specific price but more of just a general idea of cost. Is it likely to be less than $100? More than $100? More than $500? etc
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    definitely more than 100$ but it depend on what you want

    to ''refine'' your request:

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    Thanks guys. I'll get to work on putting together an actual request.

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