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I've made tons of maps for various projects in the past, but this one is the first where I've been ambitious enough to want to share the process with others (and gladly listen to advice!).

I'm making this world both as a campaign setting for tabletop gaming, but also as a setting for a novel I have semi-planned. (And I suppose also because I'm addicted to map-making! )

Anyways, I put together a basic map with a layout that I really love. I feel this map has everything I could ever want in terms of features. I ran through a simple climate setup after setting up tectonic plates and got a very rough second map showing forests, deserts, plains, jungles, and chaparral. I'm pretty happy with the result. Ran histograms on the desert and forest and they closely match the same percentage as the real world.

This is a sizeable section of the world - 4,000 mi x 4,000 mi. For reference, the farthest-north island on the right edge is almost exactly the size of Germany.

I intend to go very specific with this world (main raw file is 10,000px by 10,000 px) and want to make sure my basics are solid before I move forward. Any comments? Anyone see anything I'm missing that I should take care of now? Thanks, all!

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