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    Default Hello all

    My name is David I am a D&D, Red Aegis & Sci Fi fan. I am totally new to the How's & Whys or Whys and How's of Cartography. A friend of mine actually used to term Cartography today. I had to look up the definition. True story and light bulb moment for me. I never knew that all the years of my hand drawn maps and worlds had such a legit sounding word to describe the science and art of creating maps, etc. Naivety can be bliss too. Haha Anyways, after I read the definition the next thing I did was find your website and forum.

    I've been trolling around for the last several hours and all I have to say is, wow this community is amazing. Great work guys and gals. Looking forward to learning from each of you. Hoping someday I can help or inspire someone out like this community had today.

    All the best,

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    Welcome to the guild DRJaM. With a few good tutorials under your belt you'll surprise yourself with the quality of what you can make and no doubt you'll be able to do some inspiring of others before long.

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