Hello , where can I find all threads related to how environment conditionates evolution , social developments, languages, artistry , architectures, lifestyles, and even racial characteristics?

For example I have read that nomads of Eurasia developed thin eyeslits because of wind protection , pale skin vs dark skin is according to latitude and sun influence , eye color more light in north because of reverberance of light etc ...

are there specific threads on that or they are scattered around indifferent discussions?

This to propose possible evolutive ideas of cultures that could be hybrids, new and unique or changed known ones.

I also noticed that artists always tend to Reuse the same cultures of Eaarth over and over and its seems nearly impossible or extremely hard to figure new architectonic styles and cultures that result truly unique .

In most cases those are the fruit of thousand years of evolutions , and environmental influences as well as contact with other neightbouring cultures, that are also favoured still by the geographic features of the lands inhabited by those .