Pictures of what world shape i want and what style
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Project Scope:
Me and my friends are currently trying to make a boardgame that looks a bit like risk, the setup is that 1 - 2 players will play as a dragon trying to destroy the world while the other
players have to defeat the dragons to stop them.
We are nearly finished constructing the rulebook and have balanced the game a bit more, to finish this we need a map that we can test on and eventualy use in our final product. This
game is for our own use only and will not be
send to any publishers.

fantasy world with elves, undead, humans, serpent-dragonlike creatures

Design Concept:
We would like a world map that is divided into ~42 areas

Number of maps:
- One world map showing points of interest in the area.
- The world consists of 5-6 continents like in the added picture (changes to your own liking are permitted).
- The following habitats should be spread among the different continents: Ice (preferably with a large frozen waterfall) , Fire (preferably with a fiery ravaged crater), swamp,
Undead(preferably with purple energy corroding the
landscape and an old destroyed castle). These should go over from one to another fluently if possible.
- The world should be split into ~42 areas while the terrain like mountains can go through multiple areas.

size: ~ 76 x 51 cm
300 dpi minimum.
.psd (if made in photoshop so i can add simple things to the game later) and Jpg or png file
Full color

Remains with cartographer.

Flexible but around the end of september

Our greatest thanks as this is for personal use only

Joris Beuls