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Thread: "story-book" map for my kids

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    Default "story-book" map for my kids

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ID:	65776Hello map-meisters;

    I've written a little story for my kids, and I thought it would be nice to have a little story-book map to go along with the tale. I quickly sketched the map which would correspond to the community (called "Midville") in which the story takes place. Of course my sketch looks quite amateurish. I'm wondering how much one of you experienced fantasy-map-makers would charge me to quickly create a more appealing version of the map.

    I've never done anything like this before, so I have no clue regarding how much you will charge me. I'm just a working guy who wrote a little tale for his kids; so please let me know what would be appropriate payment.

    I am attaching my quick-sketch map, along with another map showing terrain/topography of a neighborhood similar to the community in my little tale. Because some of the labeled "points of interest" on my sketch are not very clear, here is the complete list of the points of interest:

    (1) Midville (that's the title of the map)
    (2) Eastside Park (the recreational park dominating center of map)
    (3) Bane Creek (in my quick sketch, the path of the creek looks very amateurish)
    (4) path (label appears several times, because path runs from "dead end" through forest to Bane Creek, then branches right along Bane Creek to the small "Valley", and also branches left along Bane Creek, all the way to Eastside Park.
    (5) Valley (only part of map where topography is not flat. The sides of the Valley rise up about 80 feet, towards the Railroad Track which crosses over the Valley, via the Train Trestle.
    (6) Railroad Track (see note above.)
    (7) Train Trestle (see note above.)
    ( Dead End (at the end of the street on which the next 4 labels appear)
    (9) Billy Smith's house
    (10) Mr. Hoskins' house
    (11) Starr's house
    (12) Cynthia Waters' house
    (13) Supermarket
    (14) Car Wash
    (15) Convenience Store
    (16) Restaurants (notice there are 2, side-by-side)
    (17) Michael Goodman's house
    (1 PARKING (appears twice in park)
    (19) General Play Area; Swings, slides and other recreation equipment
    (20) Bridge (spans Bane Creek in the center of Eastside Park)
    (21) water fountain (near bridge)
    (22) Picnic Shelter
    (23) Picnic Tables
    (24) Recreation Center
    (25) secondary play area
    (26) baseball field (in my sketch, it adds "softball" --- leave that word out)
    (27) PARKING (a 3rd parking area, above the baseball field)
    (2 Marcia Longley's house
    (29) Mark Fortner's house
    (30) Randy Meyers' house
    (31) Danny Miller's house

    Note: The label "Forest" will not need to appear in your version --- you will of course simply show the forest which dominates much of the map.

    If you need to contact me, it's my username at gmail.

    thank you very much!

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    This is very nice idea, I hope you find a great cartographer for it! Too bad I have too much on my table now so I can't apply. You might want to include if this is in color or B&W, and what size you need it in.

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    I'm also swamped for the meantime, but it sounds like fun. I just wanted to say it may help your search for the right cartographer if you share whether you have a deadline for completion and also if your interest leans toward any particular style of storybook map?

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