I received this today. I hope someone can help the good lady. Her E-Mail address is yodercm-at-earthlink.net.

Hi Mark,

I am sorry to bother you with something that is not really your problem, but I haven’t been able to find anyone else to ask.

I signed up at the Cartographer’s Guild website, but never got any kind of confirmation/authorization email. You are a frequent contributor there, and so I am hoping you can shed some light on how I can get access.

I am able to log in, but not to post or contact anyone. I can see some things in the forum, but other things tell me I’m not authorized. I cannot find any way to get past this.

I have tried the Contact Us link, and the link seemed to work, but never any answer or help. It’s like no one is managing the website, or at least no one that cares. I cannot find any direct email address to anyone in management of that site.

Is there anyone you know of that I can contact directly to get help?

Cornelia Yoder
(“chick” on that website)