In the past week or so I have been quite bored, so I decided to give cartography with Adobe a try (especially after seeing some interesting tutorials). Consider that this is my very first map and that 99% of it was done using the mouse, so I am aware that there are some mistakes.

Anyway, critique is more than appreciated.

This map obviously is open ended (it's for an exploration campaign), but I haven't worked out the scale yet. I have been trying to replicate the "old map" feel to it, but I will probably have to scrap the yellow base.. or maybe not, I don't know.

Oh, I used some brushes I got from here. I think they were from RPGmapmaker (thanks for those)? I probably used a couple of more from other people from this forum, so all the credit goes to you for those brushes.

I made a couple myself, and I guess you can probably tell which ones