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    Hello! I am new here and I was informed about this websites existence by roll20. I thought I would find some inspiration here to make better makes on there but instead I swear I found a handful of talented people that I may have jobs for. I am a member of a club that plays table top war games if people are wondering.

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    Welcome to the Guild MrOwneddeath, This is indeed a great place to learn more about mapmaking and to hire / commission them to be made for you.

    We even have a special forum for Map requests. I suggest you read at least the beginning posts in the top thread so you will know how to make a
    good request that people will take seriously. There are a very wide range of talented mappers and cartographers here, and you will find a lot of discussion
    concerning what level of pay people will work for. The truth is there are people here who will make an occasional map at no charge, all the way up to some
    professional cartographer/artists whose work commands a few thousand dollars. Most of us are somewhere in between.

    Here is a link to that thread: Mapmaking Requests

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