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    A little explanation behind this one. So I haven't done a lot of drawing over the past year due to stresses at school and other things. However this map you see before you was the one project I worked on, for over 7 months. Obviously forgetting about it and then starting it up again over and over. I call this the Drunk Map because on several occasions I found myself drawing this late at night after coming home from the bars or a party. I would wake up the next morning to see more of the map drawn. I laugh every time I see the Western Sea thing on the Eastern side. Never DRINK AND DRAW! anyway I thought this was worth posting as it belongs to a story I hope to develop one day, and I thought the colors came out nice too.

    The Map is of one of the lost tier worlds. A land ravaged by a cataclysmic event over 900 years ago. Almost all knowledge of the world before this cataclysm has been lost to the few surviving Human realms, and the world is filled with great beasts demons and undead and forces beyond human understanding. Isolated from one another the remnants of humanity struggle on. At least that's the gist of things so far. Now if you'll excuse me I have to finish this Long Island Ice tea.

    I would like to post the image however it says the upload is too big, and the PDF version wont show up. Ill try again later. Sorry for the meaningless post. <.<

    (update) I think I have working now. Sorry the image is all scewy I dont know why that is. I scanned in HD all that stuff. Only when I tried to upload in good quality it would say the file size was to large. *shrug*
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