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Thread: Trouble Uploading Images

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    Default Trouble Uploading Images

    So I tried uploading a PDF image today. However none of my attempts worked it wouldn't say why the image would just not show up. I then converted the image to a jpg and I got a message saying it is too large for the website? bigger then the 4.70mb allowed. It said my image is over 6.7mb. I have uploaded stuff larger then what I am attempting to now. Would appreciate some help/advice.

    I also cannot get the image to upload in my attatchments or my albums.

    So I got the image to upload only now its in.. not ****tier quality... but the image uploads all zoomed and you have to zoom back out to see it, and it looks kinda blurry.... I can't get the image to upload in the nice format I scanned it in. Any suggustions? Note: I'm sure I've uploaded stuff like this before. Does it have something to do with the size of the scanned image? if so its the same as another upload I did a while ago with little problem.
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    Yeah, as far as I know 4.7 has always been the upper limit for file loading here.

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    quote from RobA
    Unfortunately, there are also a couple of limitations. The first is file sizes. The following is a list of the file size limits:

    bmp - 7.63 MB
    gif - 7.63 MB
    jpg - 4.77 MB
    png - 4.77 MB

    The second limit is the actual image size. The image must be less than 30 megapixels in actual size. If you try to upload a 6000x6000 jpeg that has a file size of only 1MB, it will fail (sometimes with a blank screen, sometimes with a database error depending on the actual size...) as it is 36 megapixels. This limitation is being worked on, and will hopefully be resolved soon.

    To show of images larger than this, you will have to use an off-site image hosting service and provide a link.
    this issue is still unresolved and it could make a great signature !

    I don't know the limit for a PDF but I would advise against using it. I think it's better to use a third party service if you absolutely can't upload it with a standard image format.

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