I'm finally here, thanks to a Herculean effort by Mark Oliva and the help of R. P. Miller and Robbie Powell sorting out a confirmation problem. Mark especially went way out of his way to facilitate communication with the site admin, and hopefully the problem with earthlink users will get resolved soon.

Thanks so much, Mark!!!

As for me, I'm a total beginner at serious mapping, but a long time fantasy gamer and DM. I've made my own handdrawn maps for years, and recently learned how to use Photoshop. I started drawing some dungeon style maps in Excel for sizing and spacing, then moving them to Photoshop to paste in some dungeon dressing.

A couple of weeks ago, I went looking for a tutorial on using Photoshop for mapping and discovered this website and the wonderful tutorials on mapping here.

Looking around CG has suddenly given me a complete new perspective on mapping, and I'm looking forward to trying out a lot of the techniques, styles, and tutorials I've found here, and maybe even taking a shot at one of the beginner challenges.

And based on the generous help I just got to get access, I think I'm going to enjoy the people I meet here, as well!

Cornelia Yoder