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Thread: Spotting familiar objects in professional maps.

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    Default Spotting familiar objects in professional maps.

    This isn't an accusation or any attempt at stirring up drama or anything, it's more just a testament to how much these things stick in my brain.

    I happened to get the Emerald Spire megadungeon maps recently, and I was looking through them because they're those kind of professional things I like looking at to see if there's any interesting things to glean from, and just because I like looking at artwork that isn't mine.

    And I noticed one piece that I've seen a million times before, both in my Objects folder, and in maps I use in some of my games; The dark wooden table from Greytale's collection. Small, compressed resolution, and color-swapped, but obviously the same piece. I checked in Photoshop to make sure, it's certainly the same table.

    So, yeah. I notice these things.

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    Well even though I create all my maps from scratch, and create my own map objects, I sometimes reuse my existing map objects so I don't have to reinvent the wheel with every map. So though you won't see a Greyhawk asset (or anyone else's than mine), you will probably see repeated use of my own created objects in maps. It seems perfectly reasonable that the cartographer for Emerald Spire would use content he already accessed to - which might have come from a Greyhawk collection.
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